The Concierge CFO™ Program

The Concierge CFO Program

Imagine having your own unbiased, confidential personal chief financial officer…

That is what the Concierge CFO™ Program is all about.  We integrate the client’s personal plans and goals with ongoing participation and coordination of their personal and professional financial matters.

The coordination of financial professionals has never been easy for the affluent.  In many circumstances, attorneys are not speaking to financial advisors, financial advisors are not connecting to CPAs and there is little synchronization with insurance professionals.

The Concierge CFO™  seeks to remedy this problem by providing a framework which explores and helps coordinate multiple financial strategies while integrating all of the pieces into a cohesive plan, with the cooperation of your professionals.  These synergies are designed to increase the freedom in our clients’ lives.

Step One:  Concierge CFO™ Personal Interview

In the initial consultation, we help each client define their needs, aspirations and objectives.

Step Two:  Step Two:  Concierge CFO™ Personal Analysis

We evaluate the client’s current financial situation and propose alternatives and specialized services designed to help meet individual  goals.

Step Three:  Concierge CFO Advantage

We provide our clients along with their advisors, with insight into current complex tax laws that could impact them.  We are available to assist in the coordination, supervision and the implementation of the recommended plans of action.  In addition, our outside resources include a network of independent professionals who are available for consultation.

Step Four:  Concierge CFO™ Personal Alignment 

Life is not static nor should a financial plan be.  Upon the client’s advisement regarding a change of personal and economic circumstances, we will explore potential modifications that address their needs.